Starting a Business & Investing

bus2Do you want to start a business, innovate or invest in the UK?

Great. Come and join the 5.4 million businesses currently operating in the UK.

No matter what your business sector, from Construction, Professional, Scientific and Technical, to Wholesale and Retail Trade, we will help you navigate your way through new territory and get you up and running in no time.

You may be looking to import valuable produce or export parts, or perhaps you have an amazing new idea that you would like to launch. We would encourage you to say “Let’s go for it!”, and start your business and so investing in the UK.

bus4Business and Immigration Consultation and Advice

Whatever your business idea we would like to discuss it with you. Our consultation includes general business advice and research opportunities as well as Qualified OISC immigration advice at Levels One, Two and Three. You may wish to bring your family, and if you have children we would you advise you on current educational opportunities. You may have questions about immigration criteria, for example the English Language requirements. We are more than happy to help clarify and ease all the surrounding issues that will accompany your business start up in the UK.

bus3A Business Journey

Let us walk together.

Whatever stage of business and investment you are at, give us a call. You may be at the stage of Business Planning, Researching the product, market or service or simply looking now to apply for your visa to come. Then of course get in contact with us and we will be glad to help.

Discuss your business ideas with us.

Our service is friendly and completely confidential.

bus1Anything is possible!

Whether you want to be a sole trader, limited company, or other kind of business, the UK has great potential and has been praised as “the jobs factory of Europe”. So whether you want to start an import/export company, or I.T, a franchise, a shop, bar or restaurant or any other business, please contact UKISS.